St. John the Baptist’s
College of Special Education


Teachers’ Association:

The objectives of the Teachers’ Association is to study and discuss educational subjects and subjects of professional and general interest and also to promote social awareness.

Alumni Association (SJAAN):

The annual meeting of the Association is conducted every year on the Second Saturday of May and this arrangement help all to gather on the occasion.

Parent Teachers Association(PTA)

PTA of this college renders strong support to the development of the college. The association includes all faculty members and parents of all students. Every year, it raises a certain amount from its members which is used to provides scholarships and finantial aids to the students. An executive committee is selected from the members of PTA to look after its administration.

Catholic Students Movement(CSM)

All the catholic students of the college shall be ordinarily members of CSM. Various activities shall be undertaken by the CSM members with the objectives of moulding spiritually inspired and socially committed teachers.